DIY Kits

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We have been developing our unique Celtic love knot style for several years. Now it's time to pass our skills on: we have adapted our techniques to be suitable for DIY crafters to weave their own handfasting cords themselves! The demand for a DIY handfasting cord kit kept growing, and we couldn't be more excited to provide couples with all they need to make their own handfasting cords. Get ready to add a beautiful touch to your big day with our handfasting cord kits!


Testers required!

We are releasing 10 test kits per design (we have 4 different designs). We are excited to offer you a fantastic deal on our test kits. When you purchase one of our kits, you will receive an exclusive 25% off. But that's not all - simply provide us with your feedback through a quick form and we'll give you another 25% off! That's right, a total of 50% off just for sharing your thoughts with us.

Sign up to become a tester: We have been overwhelmed with the response to our DIY kits on social media so we are asking that you join our mailing list to be the first to be notified when the test kits go live! We are expecting the kits to be ready in a few weeks time. In the interest of fairness the tester kits will go live and be shared by email (to whose who have subscribed using the above link) and it's a case of whoever purchases them first. We hope you understand and we thank everyone for their interest! 



We will have four different designs available for our handfasting kits each available in your chosen colours. The designs include: 

  • two braid designs - which can be tied both ways. If you are not sure about the difference between a centre knot and infinity tie, check out our explanation of the difference. 
  • an infinity tie with heart knots (this could also be made into a centre knot design in the style of our hearts entwined simply by skipping the lose middle section); 
  • a centre knot design with a double hearted love knot flanked by two Josephine knots (this could also be turned into an infinity tie simply by relaxing the centre most cord with a loose section). 


What's included

The DIY Kit will include:

  • the materials needed for your chosen design in your chosen colours; 
  • ⁠the tools required for making the handfasting cord (the only thing you need to provide yourself are scissors);
  • ⁠a pamphlet explaining how to make your cord, including links to instructional videos;
  • free personalised wooden charms - ⁠any additional charms or decorations you selected.