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Nine Knot Prestige - French Blue

Nine Knot Prestige - French Blue

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This artisanal hand fasting cord features nine Celtic Love Knots with a wide satin ribbon.

The Prestige Nine Knot design is composed of simple but elegant elements which are sure to make an impact both up close and from afar

You can customise all base elements of this cord. Additional accessories such as roses, florals, or decorative charms can be via the accessories section (link to accessories collection opens in new window)

The cord in this listing uses

Base: Taupe & Ivory

Ribbon: French Blue

How to customise this design

To customise this design use the customisation panel below (it may take a few seconds to load)

Please Note: The customisation offered in this listing is simplified to offer the most popular choices.

For this design but with two different ribbons instead of one, use this listing

For a a more complicated, from scratch customisation of the Nine Knot design use this listing

To browse all Nine Knot Designs, check out this collection

Production time

How to Use this Handfasting Cord

This is a Center Knot handfasting cord design. You can find instructions on how to use it here.

If you would like this style, but would prefer an Infinity Tie design instead (with a loose section in the middle) simply let us know in the text field when placing your order.


This cord is made of Satin and Viscose. If you have questions or concerns about the materials used, please get in touch. You can find out more about the philosophy of the materials we use in this blogpost

Production and Shipping Times

Production Time is 3 days for Priority or up to two weeks for Standard processing

shipping within UK is 1-2 days

International shipping is 3 days for Express or up to 2 weeks for Standard shipping.

If you have a very tight deadline for receiving your cord, please get in touch so we can ensure delivery in time.


As standard, center knot designs are 1.8-2 m

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  • About Ceotha Studio:

    All our cords are made with great love and great care by Scottish Artisan Ceotha and her small team to create the perfect keepsake and accessory for your special ceremony. We make each order from scratch and making sure the cords we make are the perfect fit for your ceremony is our highest priority.

  • Customisations

    Our cords can be customised in almost any way imaginable. We are always happy to discuss your customisation and answer your questions. Just get in touch. If tall the customisation options seem a little overwhelming you can have a look at our customisation guide or book a consultation with Ceo.

  • About handfasting

    Literally the origin of the term “tying the knot”, handfasting cords are part of the Pagan wedding tradition. However, they are also often used in humanist, non-denominational, or Christian weddings. There is no right or wrong way to do a handfasting. You can take this beautiful tradition and adapt it to your ceremony in whatever way works best for you.